At Art Crating, we pride ourselves on fabricating premier crates for artworks of any shape, size or media. Many shipments will call for our STANDARD CRATE, identifiable by the AC logo and conforming to our high standard for quality and ease of handling. For blue-chip artworks, we offer our MUSEUM CRATE, with a full complement of closure plates, gasket, blue foam lining and polycrylic exterior finish. When a shipment involves artworks of modest size, we provide our efficiency crate, or E-CRATE, with commensurate savings. In addition to our full range of crates, high quality travel frames and classic A-frame design, we build pedestals, shelving and tables to virtually any dimension, and can facilitate a host of other projects geared to specific art environments

The IPPC mark, popularly known as the “bug stamp,” appears on every crate we make and guarantees suitability for international travel. Art Crating is also an Independent Cargo Screening Facility. The ICSF seal of approval enables our builders to screen cargo for air flights in full compliance with government regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration. When undertaking the crating ourselves, no additional charges accrue for this service. We also offer our screening service for a nominal fee to clients whose work is already crated.

Museum CrateStandard CrateE-Crate

Museum Crate

Where the concern is for special handling of sensitive works, the MUSEUM CRATE is the ultimate choice for impermeability, suspension and presentation. Standard elements of the MUSEUM CRATE include closure plates with hex head bolts for multiple use, rubber gasket, Marvelseal lining and polycrylic coating to act as moisture barriers, and four inches of full Tyvek-wrapped foam lining for shock protection. This crate can be built to accommodate multiple forms and its interior customized to satisfy the most discerning of conservators.

Standard Crate

The quintessential industry crate, the STANDARD CRATE can be adapted to accommodate any object, no matter how large or small. The versatile design of the STANDARD CRATE allows it to be opened from either the top or the face – or even disassembled entirely for easy access to heavy objects. The go-to crate for multiple flatworks, its plywood and pine frame construction also makes it perfect for bracketing three-dimensional objects.


The EFFICIENCY CRATE, or E-CRATE, is designed with economy and expediency in mind. Its streamlined construction features three-quarter-inch plywood, bumpers, two-by-four skids and one-inch Ethafoam lining, and is designed to weather multiple shipments. The perfect solution for flatworks of modest size, the E-CRATE can also be customized to accommodate irregularly shaped works and many types of media.

Travel Frame

The TRAVEL FRAME is ideal for works with sensitive surfaces that cannot come in contact with wrapping materials of any kind. In addition to our standard construction of pine framing with pine battens and metal handles, we offer custom solutions, such as Coroplast facings for additional protection and solid plywood backing for irregularly shaped works. With the artwork suspended and safely secured inside, the TRAVEL FRAME can be packed into a crate for international travel, or transported as-is for domestic shipments or storage.

Gallery Pedestal

The GALLERY PEDESTAL sets the industry standard for elegance and durability. Starting with our basic mitred MDF construction, our GALLERY PEDESTAL can be custom designed with options for adjustable feet, reveals, interior reinforcing, Plexiglas bonnets and internal mounting systems. We also make pedestals to order, ranging from rabbit-jointed maple plywood with a rustic whitewash finish to cylindrical plinths in glossy black — and beyond.

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